Level 1 Support Engineer

Brisbane, Australia

So, what are you really looking for from your next job?

And, yes, we're interested in your honest answer.

Not what you expected to read in a job ad? 

But it’s the most important question right?!

If you’re looking for a new role it’s probably because the one you’ve got isn’t ticking all your boxes.

Obviously, we can’t have a conversation in a job ad, so we’ll just go ahead and tell you what we’re offering and leave it to you to decide whether that's what you're looking for, or not. 

Hint: If you are interested in applying, please don’t just click ‘Apply Now’, read till the end of this ad to find out how to apply.

So … on that note, here's what we’re offering and what we're looking for in return.

About TechPath

We’re an IT Service Provider on the south side of Brisbane delivering Managed Services to our clients. 

Passionate about delivering excellence in technology solutions, we place client needs at the heart of all we do. 

We value reliability, ownership, communication and teamwork, and have worked hard to create an engaging work environment with a fun and social team culture.

But most importantly, we're not just going to tell you a bunch of stuff about how great we are. 

We prefer to show you because actions always speak louder than words.

The Position

The role itself is typical of what you’d expect a Level 1 Support Engineering role, however our teams are made up of a mix of Level 1, 2 and 3 Engineers so that you’re always surrounded by people who can support you and help you learn. 

Level 1 Support Engineers are the face of TechPath. Your role exists to deliver a great experience, so when a client calls for help you are representing the TechPath brand.

Part of your success in this role will be based on your empathy, rapport building, patience and positivity. The other part will be your technical ability to solve the problem at hand.

Day-to-day you'll be helping clients with:

  • Incoming help-desk incidents that need to be handled in a timely manner

  • Basic server admin tasks – new user accounts and password resets

  • Basic Office 365 administration

  • Basic troubleshooting for end user and desktop support

  • Server maintenance checks

  • Backup monitoring and maintenance

  • Antivirus monitoring and management

  • Software upgrades (backup software, windows service packs etc)

  • Completion of documentation in job tracking applications

Watch this video to see what a day at the TechPath office looks like ⬇️

You can also hear Lydon, one of our Team Managers, talk about a day in the life of a Level 1 Support Engineer on page 14 in the Application Pack.

The Perks

Yes, of course we pay you a fair salary, but that’s not a perk, neither is superannuation, paid leave or free snacks in the kitchen and yes, you’ll get all those here too as well as a few other pretty cool things (but more about that in the application pack).

Because work life balance is so important, we offer work from home flexibility. 

We’ve made 3 key commitments that form the building blocks for our people-centred culture (because we’re all people and we want to enjoy coming to work too)

We treat you like the unique individual you are (not like a number) 


We create a personal profile for you during recruitment to understand your strengths and working style - then we use this to help us place you in the team that’s going to be best for you. So we set you up to succeed.

We map out a clear career path for you from day one (we know you want progress) 


A career path that includes key milestones that will get you to Level 2 (and then level 3) if you just work through it step by step. This will include qualifications and skills you'll need to master that will keep you moving forward.

We pay for you to learn (because it’s a win win)


We pay for your new certifications along your career path and we also offer increased salary and cash bonuses for completing certification tracks. Wherever possible we also give you some extra paid time to work on the course.

About You

You’ll need 12 months experience in a similar role, whether in-house or at an MSP. 

But that’s just the starting point. 

What we’ve found is that the people who most enjoy working here and progress most quickly have these things in common too:

  • They have a growth mindset.

  • They are empathetic and patient.

  • They have a natural sense of curiosity.

  • They understand the value of delivering a great customer-experience.

  • They are motivated by solving problems and enjoy the process of working through solutions.

  • They have a well-developed set of client communication skills to engage with and understand how best to help various clients on email, on the phone & on video calls.

How to Apply

Our recruitment process is designed to be a two-way conversation to start a mutually beneficial relationship.

We believe that you should have more information about us and the role than just what’s in the job ad before asking you to apply.

Also, one of the things we’re looking for is attention to detail, so we’re not going to be accepting applications from anyone who just hits ‘Apply Now’ and sends us a resume and cover letter.

To make sure this is the right role for you we’ve created an Application Pack which includes: 

  • The link to apply.

  • The position description.

  • A video from our MD introducing himself.

  • Some more information on our culture and values.

  • Some real insights on what it’s like to work for TechPath from the team.

To get the pack emailed to you just click here ⬅️

Thank you in advance for taking the time to apply for this position, we’re genuinely looking forward to learning more about you.

PS: Even if your application isn’t successful we’ll be back in touch to let you know what’s happening ASAP because we understand that when you’re looking for a new position you want to know where you stand as quickly as possible.

All final applicants for this position will be asked to consent to a criminal record check. Please note that candidates with criminal records will not be automatically rejected, each application will be considered on its merits. 

Level 1 Support Engineer

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Level 1 Support Engineer

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